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  • Allan Agababa's fate lies in jury's hands

    KUAM - News
    31 Oct 2014 | 12:24 am
     It remains unclear how 55-year-old Shelly Bernstein died in her Tamuning apartment back in August 2013.
  • Youth football championships this weekend

    KUAM - Sports
    29 Oct 2014 | 9:09 pm
    The Guam National Youth Football Federation will be playing their championship games this Saturday at the G.W Field. 
  • What happens when you're caught dumping illegally?

    KUAM - Weekly Features - Nav Bar
    29 Oct 2014 | 3:23 pm
    There have been several cases of landowners who have faced the consequences of illegal dumping on their property.
  • Final face off at Great Debate

    Marianas Variety Guam Edition
    30 Oct 2014 | 7:45 am
    Gutierrez, Calvo shake up UOGIN THEIR final matchup before the general election, Gov. Eddie Calvo and former Gov. Carl Gutierrez took to the University of Guam Calvo Field House stage to speak about education, homelessness and the new private hospital in the first round of the debate.
  • How the Big Tobacco Deal Went Bad

    NYT > Guam
    6 Oct 2014 | 9:00 pm
    States have misused payments meant for public health.
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    KUAM - News

  • Allan Agababa's fate lies in jury's hands

    31 Oct 2014 | 12:24 am
     It remains unclear how 55-year-old Shelly Bernstein died in her Tamuning apartment back in August 2013.
  • Gubernatorial teams face-off for last time

    30 Oct 2014 | 11:43 pm
    Before hundreds of people, your gubernatorial heavyweights matched-up off for the final time before Super Tuesday. 
  • WEBCAST: The Great Debate from UOG

    30 Oct 2014 | 11:22 pm
    Stream the Great Debate from the University of Guam and join the conversation on Facebook about who you think is addressing the issues most effectively.
  • Veterans Cemetery celebrates ribbon-cutting

    30 Oct 2014 | 11:10 pm
    Initially scheduled to be completed in February 2014 the veteran's cemetery was finally able to celebrate as 95% of the $3 million project to renovate and expand the grounds has been completed. Veteran's like Victor Pangelinan say this is a long time coming.
  • Bill signed transferring operational savings to GMH

    30 Oct 2014 | 11:09 pm
    The measure was introduced as part of his commitment to reduce spending and right-size government and today Governor Eddie Calvo signed Senator Micheal Limitiaco's Bill 411 this afternoon. The measure would transfer $75,000 saved from Limtiaco's operational budget and appropriates it to the Guam Memorial Hospital.
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    Marianas Variety Guam Edition

  • Final face off at Great Debate

    30 Oct 2014 | 7:45 am
    Gutierrez, Calvo shake up UOGIN THEIR final matchup before the general election, Gov. Eddie Calvo and former Gov. Carl Gutierrez took to the University of Guam Calvo Field House stage to speak about education, homelessness and the new private hospital in the first round of the debate.
  • Appeal filed for longer Tedtaotao sentence

    30 Oct 2014 | 7:45 am
    THE government, through Assistant Attorney General Brian Gallagher, appeared before the Supreme Court of Guam on Wednesday to appeal the sentence imposed on convicted felon Raymond Tedtaotao by the Superior Court of Guam.
  • Navy hopes to repair sinkhole in Route 16 by today

    30 Oct 2014 | 7:44 am
    A 24-inch water line under Route 16 in Barrigada broke sometime Wednesday afternoon, prompting crews from the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Marianas and DZSP 21 LLC to close off one of the road’s southbound lane and one northbound, while they repaired the water line and the road.
  • Legislation providing funding for police overtime passed

    30 Oct 2014 | 7:43 am
    THE Guam Legislature yesterday unanimously passed Bill 417-32 which provides funding for the unpaid overtime pay due law enforcement personnel.
  • Assistant AG wants airport voter leave memo rescinded

    30 Oct 2014 | 7:42 am
    ASSISTANT Attorney General John Weisenberger described as erroneous the memorandum issued by the A.B. Won Pat Guam International Airport Authority to its employees and wants the document to be rescinded by the agency.
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  • The Empty Container

    27 Oct 2014 | 11:06 am
    By Leo Babauta Our lives get so complicated not overnight but gradually. The complications creep up on us, one insignificant step at a time. Today I order something online, tomorrow someone gives me a gift, then I get a free giveaway, then I decide I need some new tools. One item at a time, the clutter accumulates, because I’m not constantly purging the old. Today I say yes to an email request, tomorrow I say yes to a party invitation, then I get asked to a quick cup of coffee, then I decide to be a part of a project. One yes at a time, and soon my life is full and I don’t know…
  • The Realization

    24 Oct 2014 | 10:34 am
    By Leo Babauta Lately I’ve been practicing asking myself a question: What if this moment were already perfect, everything you needed to be happy? This question is transformative. If I’m upset about something, I reconsider the moment and realize that I’m being small-minded about something, and that if I look at the entire moment, I can appreciate how much I have to be grateful for. Being mad at someone, I can see that actually this person is pretty wonderful and I should be grateful for having them in my life. Being upset at a situation, I can see how much I actually have,…
  • A Guide to Changing Self-Destructive Behaviors

    22 Oct 2014 | 12:53 pm
    By Leo Babauta I have a reader who wants to make positive changes in her life, but can’t seem to stop certain behaviors. She writes: “I am consistently challenged with being mindful when buying food. What do you do when you are doing things that self-destructive and are not good and continue to do them. Is there an opportunity to change this?” This is such an excellent question, because I think we can all relate to this, can’t we? Who among us doesn’t do self-destructive behaviors from time to time, if not on a regular basis? I know that I’ve lived most of…
  • Pushing Past the Terrifying Dip in Motivation

    20 Oct 2014 | 1:53 pm
    By Leo Babauta My son, who is officially an adult in a matter of days, is facing a small crisis: the project he’s working on is not going well, and he’s ready to give up not only on the project but the career he was excited about not too long ago. I can feel the horrible mixture of discouragement, disappointment, difficulty, despair he must be feeling, because I’ve felt it too. I’ve felt this punch in the gut whenever projects or new ventures didn’t go well. I’ve given up, and felt the disappointment in myself. And I’ve pushed through this…
  • It’s Not Too Late to Change Bad Habits

    16 Oct 2014 | 10:22 am
    By Leo Babauta If you’re deeply in debt, or your bad health habits have overwhelmed you, it’s likely that you don’t feel you can make a big impact on those problems anymore. I know when I was an overweight, sedentary smoker, who was so far in debt that I was constantly depressed … I felt hopeless. It feels like any attempt you make to change your situation will have no real impact. It feels like it’s not worth making an effort. One reader wrote: ‘I keep feeling like I don’t know what to do that will have a significant impact and that at this point,…
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    Dave Owen's Guam Blog

  • TRACS Conference #2

    29 Oct 2014 | 2:32 pm
    Here are a few more pictures from the TRACS conference that Sam, Nino and I attended last week. I have to say that this was probably one of the best ones I have been to in a long time. It was very cool to be in a hotel that was right in the airport terminal – I have never gone from baggage claim to my hotel without leaving the building before. There are some hotel pictures below. Without a doubt, the best part of the conference was the keynote speaker at the banquet, Ravi Zacharias. I have never heard him live before and found him to be a captivating, meaty, thought provoking speaker. I…
  • Snake in the Bathroom!

    28 Oct 2014 | 9:12 pm
    Yesterday Joyce was doing her grandmotherly duty watching the grandkids over at Mike and Samantha’s house. A Guam brown tree snake picked a bad moment to decide to enter the house through the back bathroom door – when the snake killer was there. When Mike and Sam returned home they found the snake comfortably wrapped around the bathroom mirror. Joyce grabbed the snake and gave it to Samantha to put inside a plastic bag. They put the bag in the freezer so they could trade the snake in later for some snake vertebrae jewelry. Joyce estimated the snake’s length to be about five feet.
  • TRACS Conference #1

    28 Oct 2014 | 2:06 pm
    After a couple days off in North Carolina I headed down to Orlando, Florida early Tuesday morning to attend the TRACS annual conference. PIU has been a member of TRACS since 1999 and I have attended this conference every year since 2002. It is an important time for us to network with TRACS staff and our colleagues at other TRACS schools. The conference did not begin until Wednesday night, but I went to the conference on Tuesday to be ready for an important added meeting on Wednesday morning. Dr. Sam arrived on Tuesday afternoon and Nino arrived later that evening at midnight. The meeting was…
  • Reading Through Genesis with Goldingay #2

    27 Oct 2014 | 2:58 pm
    I realize that I am way behind in posting my thoughts as I read through John Goldingay’s, Old Testament Theology, volume 1, Israel’s Gospel. My plan was to make a post for each of the 11 chapters as I finished them, but that has not worked out so far. I have been posting the quotes as I read (3 times per week) on my Facebook page which you can read there. This post will cover chapters three and four which mainly focus on the theology of Genesis 3-11 (Chapter 3 – God Started Over), and Genesis 12-50 (Chapter 4 – God Promised). Goldingay’s focus in chapter 3 is that the creation story…
  • Fall Trip–the Carolinas

    27 Oct 2014 | 12:21 pm
    After Kansas I headed for North Carolina. I had planned to arrive Monday and then leisurely head over to Southeastern Seminary to meet with a seminary class there and some administrators to talk about opportunities for ministry at PIU. Bad weather in Kansas City grounded me overnight and I ended up in a rush to get to Southeastern. (I did get to see the 49ers beat the Rams on Monday Night Football while grounded. I also met PIU grad Rodney Mickey (right) while I was in the KC airport. He works there and helped me get through the airport to my hotel.) Though I didn’t make it to Southeastern…
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  • Bota Fino' Chamoru!

    29 Oct 2014 | 1:47 am
    Bota Fino’ Chamoru!Michael Lujan BevacquaThe Marianas Variety10/29/14 During the summer, the Hurao Language Camp at the Chamorro Village in Hagatna held several waves along Marine Drive. This is un såkkan botasion, an election year and so waves are about as common as Japanese tourists, with candidates sometimes standing in the early morning and the twilight hours, hoping to make eye contact with you as you speed by. Hurao’s wave was somewhat different. It wasn’t for any particular candidate, instead it was for “Fino’ Chamoru” or the Chamorro language. Children held up signs with…
  • Discovering Flops

    26 Oct 2014 | 4:09 pm
    When Christopher Columbus flopped at the Box Office...TwiceScott Mendelson10/13/ Yes, today is Columbus Day, when government offices and many schools are closed to celebrate the Italian explorer who allegedly discovered America. I’m not going to get into the historical accuracy or moral difficulties of the previous sentence, but if you need a refresher go HERE. No, what I am here to discuss today is a bit of forgotten box office history involving the “reason for the season.” I am speaking of course about movies revolving around Christopher Columbus. As the old song goes,…
  • The Culture High Screening

    23 Oct 2014 | 3:54 pm
  • Bombing the Public Square

    22 Oct 2014 | 12:24 pm
    --> I am a big fan of Bill Maher and his show Real Time on HBO. I have actually been a fan of him since his Politically Incorrect days and even remember him making his comments that lost him his original show so long ago. He has been spearheading this election season a campaign he calls “Flip a District.” After receiving thousands of suggestions from people across the US, claiming their incumbent Congressperson as being the most useless and whose absence in Congress would make their state a better place, he chose Rep. John Kline from Minnesota. Kline, a Republican is not one of the…
  • The Pacific Remote Islands Marine Monument

    21 Oct 2014 | 8:38 pm
    Mr. Obama’s Pacific Monument By THE EDITORIAL BOARD OCT. 1, 2014 The New York Times  It’s safe to assume that most presidents have big ambitions and visions of lasting Rooseveltian achievement. Though, in recent history, the millstones of Washington’s pettiness and partisanship usually grind such dreams to dust. There are exceptions, which happen when presidents discover the Antiquities Act.This is the law, used by Theodore Roosevelt and many successors, by which the executive can permanently set aside public lands from exploitation, building an environmental legacy with a…
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